SU 2019.2 and Windows 10 Version 1903 BugSplats Galore

I am receiving BugSplats every time I open an .skp or try to start a new model in SU 2019.2.

This is my current configuration:

Win 10 Ver 1903
Dell Precision 5530 (Nvidia Quadro P2000 GPU)
DisplayLink D3100 Docking Station
2 External Dell U2419H Monitors (plugged into HDMI on Docking Station)
SU 2019.2

If I unplug one of the monitors from the docking station, the bugsplats stop and SU performs as expected. If I plug the 2nd monitor into the laptop HDMI, everything works as expected.

All drivers are as up-to-date as possible.

Any suggestions?

I would suggest to use the solution you have provided?
Most likely, the internal Docking chip will not be able to compete or come close to the performance of the NVIDIA…

Docking stations are great for office applications, but SketchUp is more like a gaming program…

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Are you submitting the BugSplats and including your name/email?

Just an update here. We ended up having to tell SU to use the Intel Graphics card (basically rendering the NVidia useless). Also, opening the app on the laptop screen worked, too. Then drag to a different screen. This is NOT a fix but more of a work-around. We will not be upgrading the remaining systems to 1903 any time soon. Thanks for all your help.

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