Best laptop and docking station for SketchUp Pro/Vray

Hey crew, I am replacing an old Dell Precision m4600. I want to thank the folks that narrowed my laptop decision with the proper graphic card Nvidia GTX. From what I am reading is that not all docking stations work well with SU. For people currently using a laptop and docking station, please let me know what it is and how it working for you.

SU issues with docking stations? Hm… never heard.
Dell legacy docks, USB-C and Thunderbolt docks - all worked fine for me and the team.

Currently on m5510, waiting for Dell to update Precision line in couple of weeks and to order 7750 or 7550. And the plan is to keep TB16 docks that works OK’ish, although will need to use separate power cable.

Old docking stations (Display Link…) used to not support OpenGL, and they also tended to have problems with high resolution screens. The Thunderbolt ones we currently use also have had their problems, but more with multiple screens, nothing to do with SketchUp especially.