SU 2018 black screen, no model

I just downloaded SU 2018 Pro and started testing it. On startup I get a black screen, not the simple template I selected. When I load a model, the screen is still black and the model is not visible. Although if I do a selection, it says I am selecting elements, so apparently the model is there, but not visible.
What could be going on.
See screen shot attached.

Here is the screen shot.
I didn’t know how to attache it, but apparently I can paste it.

It is obviously a graphics card driver failure. What are your computer specs? The first thing to try would be to update your graphics card driver. Also, if your computer is a laptop with both an Intel graphics chip and a Nvidia or AMD graphics system, check in the Nvidia or AMD control panel 3D application settings that SketchUp is set to not use the Intel chip.

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Your profile information doesn’t have much info to go on, but I remember that you had an XPS?
Make sure you have installed SketchUp the right way (right click on the installer file and choose ‘run as administrator)
Then, check this thread:

Also: SketchUp does not support scaling above 150%

Thank you.

I have a new XPS 15 9560, 1 TB SSD, 32 GB RAM, i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 1 MB Adapter RAM

Setting in the Nvidia control panel solved the problem


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