SU 2016 locking up on OSX

Continuing the discussion from Sketchup 2016 - locking up:
…are you using


if so, which ones?
as Steve says, these all can have an impact…


No extensions/plugins. I stopped using Space Mouse a little while ago as it effected the Vectorworks program that I use - the mouse made the model continually move! I use Artlantis, but that is not open at present.

It would also be useful if you can check the Activity Monitor and the Console to see what sort of conditions are developing/errors being reported when the pause develops. Also, what else do you have running simultaneously with SketchUp?

If the space mouse was problematic in the past it would suggest a place to start your troubleshooting.

I don’t use it anymore, it is not connected at all.

Other programs open that I use regularly are Mail, Pages, Numbers and Acrobat Reader.

I have opened Activity Monitor and Console - what should I look for?

My point was more that it had caused problems previously, so you stopped using it. The issues it caused may have carried over even though it isn’t connected. Did you work out why it was misbehaving? Did you fully remove it’s drivers?

In the Activity Monitor, look for high memory or cpu usage and see what process is guilty. In the console, see what sort of messages are being logged when the pause occurs (there is a lot of UNIX chatter there, so it may be hard to weed out specific culprits, but see if any messages pertain to the apps you have running especially SketchUp).

Box has a very valid point with SpaceMouse…

I have one, to stop it causing problems in SU I renamed it’s plugin files or you could trash them…

There are threads about the need to re-install it’s driver + plugin for v16, but that doesn’t help for long on my iMac…

with Activity Monitor typing Ske into search will bring it to the top…

also if I type in 3, it shows my disconnected/turned off SpaceMouse is running 4 processes that are constantly polling the system…


It seems that the 3D model kept moving. I still have the drivers installed. But this problem has only occurred some 2months after that one and I stopped using the Space Mouse.

I have uninstalled the 3D Connexion drivers and so far all ok. So maybe it was that - thanks for your help.