SketchUp Pro 2019 really slows down on MacOS Mojave

Pro 2019 just about locks up mac mojave, last years version worked fine. @019 works fine on older MacBook pro with Mojave
memory use goes through the roof even when background apps shut down
removed and reinstalled SU a fw times with same result

macOS Mojave
8g ram

I’m not a mac person, but the graphic card you have listed in your profile is known to be unreliable, I’d be willing to bet the other computer had a better graphic card.

Do you have a 3D connexion mouse installed?
Check these numerous threads on memory usage:

We’ve been trying for a while to figure out some Mac slowness issues. I had my work MacBook Pro hit a related problem last week, which I managed to figure out.

Can you open Activity Monitor, while no other apps are open, select the CPU tab, click on the CPU column, and also choose All Processes from the View menu. What processes are taking a lot of CPU?

You can see from this screenshot that on my personal MacBook Pro I have a problem to solve.

image Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 9.54.22 AM.png

this is with just about everything closed including mail

the memory usage just jumps up when SU is open, thats where I think the problem is

for a very simple model ( an open box ) SU memory use is 10.27gb and just keeps on rising with no more drawing being done now at 13.98 while typing this

cpu % rises to 94% when SU is open after a few minutes and whole system locks up
does not even let me do screen shot

What background apps? Air server?
Duet? Those gave me some problems, but 3D connexion is the usual suspect. ( I helped someone the other week who had ‘tried’ it, but not deinstalled.
What extensions do you have installed in SketchUp?

This topic exactly matches that description:

In that particular case it was 3D connexion mouse related.

You could try the disabling of Ruby we talked about in this topic, to quickly tell if the problem is extension related:

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you may have a conflict with Brave as both it and SU use CEF under the hood…

you could see if disabling it solves the issue after a restart…


I had a 3d Connexion mouse installed a year and a half ago, I removed all of the drivers like they told me…except for the extensions in the library as the article you posted explains.

Just removed them, there are 2 and it seems to have fixed the problem

I have 3 drawings opened along with a browser and mail and memory usage is at 104mb which is fine

thanks so much
they sure did cause problems even after following their instructions on removal

Unfortunately, 3DConnexion has a long history of not solving memory usage issues with SketchUp on macOS.

As noted in the links Colin provided, the problem doesn’t happen on every Mac and doesn’t happen every time on a single Mac. I am firmly convinced there is a race condition in the initialization of their driver for SketchUp, that is a situation that arises only when a certain relative timing of events occurs during SketchUp launch. That kind of error is notoriously difficult to debug because it doesn’t repeat reliably. I have a lot of extensions installed, which makes the SketchUp startup take a lot of time, and that seems to aggravate the problem. I love the Space Navigator when it works so I have learned how to notice when the memory hogging occurs and how to restart SketchUp to avoid the problem.

For your interest, in my recent case I had kernel_task using 600% CPU. It seems to have started when I added a new user to macOS (I was helping on the Los Angeles bootcamp, and wanted to be able to lend my Mac to anyone whose machine broke down). In adding the new user I ended up with two copies of Bitdefender running all of the time. That is, as soon as it finished a virus scan it started another one.

I uninstalled Bitdefender and restarted. Ended up with still having one Bitdefender going, but at least kernel_task was back down to about 10%.

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