Memory usage of SketchUp

From starting the application until it freezes it appears to leak memory at an staggering rate.

Withing 4 minutes it’s gone from a few MB to 7.5 GB.

I only have 8GB so the inevitable happens

Making SketchUp unusable…

Macbook : Mac OSX el capitan

Odds are good there is an extension running that is gobbling memory. I would recommend disabling all extensions, then restarting, and turning them on, one at a time to see which is the culprit.

I had the same kind of problem when I tried using a CADmouse - the 3DConnexion software ran away with memory. Are you using that? Or any other 3D Connexion product that uses the same software? Also Mac, El Capitan here.

I had to return the mouse and uninstall the software AND the extension in puts into Sketchup - in a non-standard location, too, so it was hard to find. And it doesn’t uninstall properly from within Sketchup.

From a rusty memory, the location is /Library/Application Support/Sketchup 20xx/Sketchup/Plugins, instead of ~/Library/Application Support/Sketchup 20xx/Sketchup/Plugins. Note the missing tilde (~) character. To find it, in Finder, use the menu Go/Go to Folder… and enter /Library/, then browse your way from there, if it is 3DConnexion that’s the problem.

That is right, There was an issue with 3dconnexion’s old extension. I am running the newest version on El Cap now, and it seems to be OK. I believe that the newest version has that issue addressed.

This was installed straight from the download. No 3D Connections, and no installed extensions. Just a pure install. 35 - 40 minutes later out of memory fully in swap and not responding.

Schmidttrigger. Did you ever get an adequate response. I’m dealing with the same issue. Mine has run all the way up to 11.3 GB