Macbook Pro memory error

I’m having a problem that seems to be memory cache related? I’m using the current Mac version of SketchUp Pro v17.3.116 running under MacOS High Sierra v10.13 (current patches installed) on both a Mac Pro (late 2013) and a Macbook Pro (2016).

I use the laptop on the road. Both machines are configured similarly. The Mac Pro is a single Xeon CPU with 16 GB of DDR3 RAM, dual AMD Firepro D700 GPUs w/6GB VRAM and SSD. The Macbook is a single Core I-7 CPU with 16 GB of of LDDR3 RAM, Radion Pro 460 GPU w/4GB VRAM (it was the best option available at the time of purchase).

I am sharing an SKP file around 9 MB on iCloud for portability. Not terribly large, or unusual face count. Model works fine on the desktop. On the laptop, I get an “out of memory” error message after working with the model for an hour or so. It doesn’t seem to matter how often I save the file or if it is on the local drive. Anyone have suggestions about settings or work flow to fix this?

You don’t by chance have a 3D connection navigator? Their driver is notorious for causing SketchUp memory usage to grow steadily.

Actually, I do but it is not connected. I suppose the software drivers could be a problem, I’ll try unloading them on the laptop and post if this helps.

Thanks for the tip. Also will check their tech support and see if there is a work around.

I’ve had SketchUp memory run away both with the navigator connected and without it - but in no consistent pattern except that it happens only if the 3D Connection extension/driver is enabled. Sometimes it blows up, sometimes not. There are definitely strange bugs in 3D Connection’s drivers. The problem has been reported many times on the 3D Connection support site over several years, but they don’t seem to be able to fix it.

One trick that has worked for me is to immediately close the default blank model that SketchUp creates by default as it opens.

Edit: BTW so far as I know the issue happens only on Mac.

I saw your post on the 3Dconnexion forum. To test your observations, I downloaded the latest drivers and most recent High Sierra OS patch (10.13.1).

With the Navigator connected to my Macbook and the Activity Monitor open, I then started Sketchup, immediately closed the new default file, and opened a current skp file. Memory usage increased dramatically after I opened Sketchup. Overhead with SU and OS operating left only 3 GB of RAM available with the monitor indicating a memory stress condition.

I then closed the file. Available memory increased, although not to the state prior to opening the file. I then closed Sketchup and memory usage returned to start up conditions.

This disappoints me. I’ve used my Space Navigator for several years in a Windows environment and like it a lot. Hoped that the new wireless Navigator/Space Mouse combination might have improved the issue, but it appears to be a persistent driver problem. While it seems to be improved, I am not confident enough to fork out the cash for the new input devices.

Apple and Logitech play well together. You’d think since they purchased 3DConnexion that would be sorted, evidently not. Hope they’re listening and working on it since there isn’t a better 3D input device I have found.

My experience was similar about 18 months ago. I bought a CADmouse. It was a disaster, and I sent it back to Amazon.

Uninstalling the 3Dconnexion plugin wasn’t enough. Their driver installer also puts files in the system wide /Library/Application Support/Sketchup 20xx/… folder (sorry can’t remember exact location) not the User’s ~/Library/ etc folder.

Once I found and deleted their files from there, SU behaviour went back to normal. Otherwise, it would run away with several GB memory per minute, and crash within minutes of opening.

Sheesh. I can hardly wait for autonomous vehicles and other tech solutions
for which there are not problems…

3D connection has a horrible track record on Mac, typically releasing a new driver that supports SketchUp 4-6 months after the release of a new SketchUp version and typically with the identical bugs as the previous version. It’s not clear what we can do to get some attention from them!

It is normal for SketchUp to consume about 140MB of memory even with no model open. The increase beyond that will depend on how big a model you open. My models are pretty small compared to what many architects do, usually increasing SketchUp‘s footprint by maybe 30MB more. Are you seeing sizes like that, or much larger?

I never paid attention before I switched to Apple about a year ago. I’ll check and post if I see anything niteresting.

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