Space Mouse Pro


I have just upgraded from 2015 to 2016 Sketchup Make 64-bits version.

I don’t recall having problems installing my 3D mouse previously. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work on this latest version.

I updated my drivers and the 3d mouse home software. Still it doesn’t work.

I also checked the Extension in Sketchup Window/Preference.

Any body has an idea of what is wrong here?

Thank you.

The Space Mouse isn’t working for SketchUp 2016 specifically? does it still work for any other applications?


I only have SketchUp as a 3D software. I had made tests. The 3D mouse home software was updated and I didn’t make any changes except add a few check marks in some parameters.

When I press the numeric buttons my browser opens up, or a search etc. The menu button brings up the parameter setting window. In Word, I press the CTRL button on the mouse and the C on my keyboard and again the CTRL on the mouse and V on my keyboard, the copy past work. On YouTube the ESC exits the full screen.

Hope this helps a little.

Thank you.

Yes, I was just trying to confirm that it isn’t the hardware of Space Mouse giving you problem. By the sound of it, it might have to do with how the extension in SketchUp is set up.

So, you do see “3DxSketchUp” in the extension list and the check-box next to it is checked?
If so, I am out of ideas :confused:

I don’t see any thing related to this.

Here is a print screen:

SketchUp.pdf (106.8 KB)

Hope this will help.

Now I wonder…I have changed my power supply and had to unplug every thing. I plug the USB devices at random. Windows had to reinstall the drivers for what ever was not exactly on the same socket. My 3D mouse was not functional as I had forgot to plug it back in. This basically means that it was not plugged when I installed SU 2016? Could this be the problem? Would it be necessary to do a re-installation of SU ?

thank you again for taking your time to help me.


reinstall the mouse software so that it is aware that v16 SU is available…


Did as you told me.

Guess what???

Yep! Problem is solved.

I wan’t to thank you, John, for your help. Much appreciated.