SU 2015 and 2017 have problems with Windows 10 (pro)

Some weeks ago I got a new workstation with windows 10 pro. Layout works well with it, but SU 2015 and 2017 have problems. When starting up SU 2017 it opens, but stays completely frozen. SU 2015 opens well but drawing tools dont work well at all. Before I used windows 10 home and everything went fine. I’m wondering what it could be and I’m wondering if W10 pro could cause the problem?

update the graphics card driver and ensure to run on the dedicated graphics card (if avail) instead on an integrated one.

You can evaluate which graphics card SU is using under “Windows > Preferences > OpenGL > Capabilities: Graphics Card Details”

If you wanna check what’s inside your workstation you may want use the MS diag tool by inputting “dxdiag” at the Windows search. Launch and open the register tab “Display”.

Thanks for your reaction. I did the su-check to see if my system is fit for SU 2017. I don’t have a separate graphic card but an integrated in the ‘Intel Xeon E3 1225 v2 @ 3.20GHz’, The systemcheck told me that everything was very good.
In the meantime I looked further around on Internet and read about two other possibilities:

  1. Some people got the same or similar problem after an W-10 update. I tried to check this and discovered that certain updates cannot be removed when installed
  2. 64-bit version of SU does not work with W-10. For me this is definitely the case. I have the 2016 32-bit SU aswell, and this works great, so I can work.
    Do you think in my case a separate graphics card would solve the problem? Or maybe SU will come with an update that solves the problem?

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recent SU v2017-x64 does of course work under W10… if the system requirements (OpenGL v3.0 compatible grahics card driver) are met.

If 32-bit versions of SU are running fine this is typical for a flaky graphics card driver often in connection with AMD Radeon cards.

still, update the graphics card driver.

No further support by me w/o providing information on the used graphcis card and driver version.

Thanks, I will do so.

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