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Hi, I’m Will, I own a plastic company in Ca., I am/was a growing SU user for my business. It has helped tremendously and then the other day I went to get a project done and just getting rid of that guy on the starting SU field took a very long time—
All other actions are just as bad or Worse!
A 1 minute simple box can now take 15 minutes, I am freaking out!!
I have a SurfacePro and SU-2015 has been a tremendous tool to my business for the last 2 years…flawless, but now…Click…Freeze…Click…Freeze-
I filled out the SU tech support form, that was 4 days ago, and nothing-
Anybody Please Help!


I replied to your identical post in the Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself :slight_smile: thread:


sjdorst, sir- you are Amazing!!
I had my tech guy here read your email, he went back about 2 microsoft updates ago and un-did them and I’ll be ■■■■ it worked!!!
I was so happy I gave him hug-
Thank you- thank you!!


Will, be advised that SketchUp 2015 does not support running on Windows 10.

SketchUp 2016 is the first version supporting Windows 10 (and Mac OSX Sierra).

Ref: SketchUp Application Release Notes


Hi Dan,
Thanks for that info.
Since purchasing SU 2015 and running it on Windows 10 I have not had issues until this time.
I did get the offer to upgrade to 2016- and I did, but it kept telling me it was a ‘Trial Version’, I had all my add-ons on the 2015 and I felt at home on 2015 so I un-installed 2016.
When they offer the 2016 or 2017 versions do I have to ‘Buy Them’?
I was under the impression that I make the initial SU Pro purchase and the 2016 or 2017…- are just updates to my initial purchase??
I’m I wrong?
And to your initial advise- Should I change to 2016?..or even 2017?
Thank you all soo much for your expertise: slight_smile:


You should have paid the first year maintenance fee that would have given you (any MR updates to v2015) and an upgrade to SketchUp 2016.

Then if you have paid the intervening maintenance fee, you would also get an upgrade to v 2017. (If you let your maintenance contract lapse, you may have to pay a late fee.)

You should most definitely contact Support, and get the upgrade license for 2016 if you will continue running on Windows 10. (Each version uses a different license.) Once you install a newer version on that machine, you cannot move the old license to another machine.

Read carefully the entire chapter on licenses in the User Guide:

SketchUp 2016 on Windows now has the dockable / autohide trays for the inspector panels (like LayOut has.)
See what else is new at the Release Notes:


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