Compatibility with Windows 10


Does anyone know if Sketchup Pro 2015 is compatible with windows 10? Im thinking of getting it (windows 10 that is) but not sure how sketchup will work with it. Any ideas?


Windows 10 is not listed as supported in SketchUp’s hardware and software requirements because at the time of the last SketchUp update release it supported only operating systems released at that time. Conclusion: A next SketchUp update will give certainty.

Refer also to this advice:

And to this experience about using unsupported or beta software on production systems (although Windows 10 soon is not beta anymore and more stable):

You could consider safely installing it on a secondary system (or side-by-side to your production system) and see how it works out before you go all for it, or wait some time for SketchUp to bring official support.


Thanks! Looks like I will be waiting to upgrade windows until an official release? As I am not a developer, what is the industry standard when it come to an Operating System update/new release and its compatibility with other software? Does that question make any sense?(if it is even answerable)


Windows has had a “Compatibility Mode” for quite awhile. But I do not know if it will also exist in Windows 10.

Basically you right-click the application shortcut, and choose "Properties."
Look for a “Compatibility” tab.
There will be a group named “Compatibility Mode” with a checkbox to run the application in a compatibility mode. When checked, the drop-down list becomes active and you can choose the Windows version for compatibility.
(Windows 7 compatibility modes go all the way back to Windows 95.)


Sweet! I hadnt thought of that. Thanks!


•iirc• this only provides an application asking for a dedicated Windows version with a ‘faked’ Windows version number sothat this setting won’t help with functional problems caused e.g. by changed or removed APIs etc.


I don’t know if this helps anyone else, but after upgrading to Windows 10, Sketchup 2015 would only startup with a “bug splat” screen. I right-clicked on the shortcut and choose “run as administrator” and it started up fine and runs good.


Thanks Matt. Others having issues might also try to set SketchUp to run in Compatibility Mode for Win 8 or 7.

Right click the icon and choose Properties. Switch to the Compatibility tab and set a Compatibility Mode.


the ‘Compatibility Mode’ is mainly for avoiding installation failures with setup routines of applications/drivers expecting an older Windows version and regularly won’t help with real problems running applications:

Installation and first launch of SU should be done with admin priviliges sothat the required files as well as program/license data can be written to the Windows system directories resp. registry database:


Yesterday I got a new update from Microsoft, so I now got the latest version of Windows 10 (1511). Well, I thought, it will be possible to download SketchUp Make 2016. But it failed, as it has done many times before. Getting a message saying: “The setup must update files or services that cannot be updated while the system is running. If you choose to continue, a reboot will be required to complete the setup.” So I did run a compatibly check, and I found out that SketchUp Make 2016 is not compatibly Windows 10 1511. So until the Trimble people get their horses together and fix this problem, I will leave SketchUp and find another 3D-program that is more up to date.

Have Fun
Goran Dahlberg


Nonsense, SU2016 is compatible and runs perfectly on win10.
Any problems you are experiencing are most likely down to the Win10 Upgrade itself having problems.


Hi Box
Sorry, but I do not agree with you, since all my other programs run as smooth and flawless as they always do. But SU 2016 does is not even downloadable, And my patience is over.

Have Fun


You are entitled to your opinion. But I personally am of the opinion that your patience should have run out with Microsoft and not Sketchup.


Hi, Goran,

I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. There are lots of passionate folks here in the forums who would love to help you resolve your problem.

I’m afraid I must correct some of your information though; SketchUp 2016 is perfectly compatible with Windows 10. Windows 10 introduced significant changes, which we spent a very long time addressing while developing SketchUp 2016.

I’m not sure how your compatibility check works, but either it isn’t working correctly, or it’s scanning the wrong program, such as scanning the installer instead of the installed product.

The self-extracting executable is written using a rock-solid technology which works perfectly in Windows 10. It’s a few years old and predates Windows 10 though, so if you scan the installer, it may say it’s incompatible, even though it’s just fine. However, once SketchUp 2016 is installed, any examination of SketchUp.exe or our other programs will reveal full Windows 10 compatibility. As several other users on this forum will tell you, SketchUp 2016 works great under Windows 10.

If I understand correctly, this message came from the installer, so it seems you probably downloaded it fine, but had trouble completing installation. Did you attempt to continue with the installation after receiving this message? It is true that under some circumstances the installer will require a reboot, but the need to reboot during installation does not mean there’s anything wrong with our installer or our product. That determination is made entirely by Windows, not something we decide arbitrarily. It should be safe to continue with install, reboot when prompted, and resume the installation again after that.

I hope you’ll give SketchUp 2016 another chance, because if you proceed through installation, I’m sure you’ll find it works great under Windows 10.

SketchUp Release Engineer


Thanx Andrew

for your claryfying answer. “Rebooting” is one of those spooky computor words, that make the average user (me) angry and frustrated. Why not simply say that you must restart your computor after the installation is finished… So now I got SketchUp Make 2016 installed, but before today I installed AutoCad 123D Design just in case.

Have Fun and once again thanks


Most of the time when Windows says it needs to reboot to complete an installation it means that the installer needs to change something that is already loaded in memory by another program. Windows can’t safely alter the in-memory version while the other something is using it, and a restart/reboot is the only way to be sure that all such sharing is cleared. SketchUp is no different in this regard than any other application.


Hi, Goran,

I definitely hear your point about the timing and wording of the reboot message. I’ll look into ways we might be able to improve it, but unfortunately, all of the issues you ran into during install, including that message and the reboot itself, come not from SketchUp, but from the installer for the .NET Framework 4.0, which is provided by Microsoft.

The .NET Framework is the only non-standard element SketchUp requires of your Windows machine. Most users already have it, but in case they don’t, the first step we take is to invoke a bootstrapper program, which contains a provision to download and install .NET Framework from Microsoft, before the SketchUp installer even runs. In most cases, that installer will be unable to complete its work while the system is running, and will schedule some remaining tasks to be done at reboot. That’s the situation you encountered.

If we could, we would improve the messaging for this and defer the reboot to the end of the install process, but our only choices are either to let the reboot occur when the installer requests it, or to suppress the reboot from happening at all, as our installer cannot detect that a a reboot must still be done. Since it’s rare that the .NET Framework needs to be installed, and even more rare that a reboot is required, we certainly don’t want to force everyone to reboot after installing SketchUp, either.

In much older versions of SketchUp, we simply suppressed the .NET Framework’s reboot function to avoid interrupting the installation flow. However, in cases where the reboot was required but not done, SketchUp would fail to launch, which is even worse than the reboot and ugly messaging. That’s why for 2014, we decided the best compromise was to allow the .NET Framework installer to reboot the machine if necessary, and to gracefully resume the SketchUp installation upon logging back in.

I’m really glad we were able to solve your installation problem. Happy Sketching!

SketchUp Release Engineer


Hi Andrew,
Now I am a very happy guy. I collected my SketchUp files from the back up, so now I can continue the work that was interrupted in May. when my old computor was due for recycling.

Have Fun


Compatibility report for Windows 10: FAQ

The old Windows Compatibility Toolkit has been retired (last version 5.6.)
Replaced with:
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10

In addition there used to be a public database (by microsoft) where users would vote on what was compatible and what was not. I remember posting some urls, (because there was some issues with compatible ratings about several SketchUp versions there,) perhaps in the Centercode forums (cannot remember where.) Anyway,… searching no longer finds this.