Windows 10 has a Windows 7 compatible mode

In 2016 I have purchased SketchUp pro and was enjoying myself like others, then I went on a hiatus and recently wanted to get back to drawing, purchase a new laptop Windows 10 found the software with the help of some great people within the community and downloaded it. And was having issues with my SketchUp pro once I downloaded one of my drawings from SketchUp Warehouse and found out later that 2016 version is not compatible with Windows 10. Today I talked to a tech at Costco that Windows 10 has a compatibility mode for 7, 95, XP, for older programs. Does anyone know about this feature? I since and had returned that new laptop, I wish I would have known about this feature than.

You shouldn’t need to use Compatibility mode with SketchUp. Right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator. Do this while logged into Windows as your normal user. This won’t help with the Warehouse, though, as it only supports the latest three versions.

The warehouse downloads does not support 2016, anymore. If you purchased 2016, you should have received an (automated) serial and autho code for version 2017

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Yes that was suggested to me before and I contacted SketchUp by email and they said when I bought this software that I was not eligible for the 2017 and that whoever told me that I’m the SketchUp community with wrong. I also got the impression that they were getting tired of hearing from me. So I appreciate all the help. When I have downloaded my drawings from SketchUp Warehouse I started having issues with my select tool graphic wise. I’m over it now at some point I will just have to give in when I’m ready to get another laptop and just go with SketchUp shop I guess. It is nice to know I that going forward that I can always rely on the SketchUp community for help. Thanks

if you have bought SketchUp Pro 2016 which includes 1 year maintenance the license data of version 2017 should have been emailed to your registered email address in November 2016. If you have not bought directly at Trimble but via a local reseller do not hesitate to contact them for the license data of the latest version your are eligible for.

And looking back at my records one of my old emails that I have Sade from the SketchUp folks is that my maintenance and support had expired on May 20, 2016. But again when I reached out to them I think I was wearing out my welcome.
This was what they said
You cannot solely purchase the upgrade. You have to purchase maintenance and support to get the current version. Once you have maintenance and support, support can downgrade you to version 2017, or 2018 if you can’t use 2019 with your OS/hardware.

Your license expired before 2017 was released, so you do not just get that version at no cost. Whomever you spoke with on the forum, probably had maintenance and support when 2017 was released, so they automatically got that version. Your license expired back on 05/20/2016.

Your option is to purchase maintenance and support for $240 or you can keep using the 2016 version on your old computer.

So it sounds like you know why you are currently stuck at SU2016. If you aren’t going to stick with SketchUp 2016 and you want to use components from the 3D Warehouse, you can find them via your internet browser and download the Collada file which can then be imported into SketchUp with File>Import.

The information you give below …

… shows that you instead bought SketchUp Pro 2015 (or an earlier version) and received the maintenance upgrade to SketchUp 2016 Pro.

But you never kept your support and maintenance account up to date …

… so the 240 dollars is the M&S plan for 2 yearly fees you missed paying, so as to bring your plan up current.

If you wait too long, your privilege to “catch up” expires and you will need to purchase a whole new license from scratch.


In your other thread, I began my suggestion (that you may be entitled to upgrade to v2017) with the phrase “If You did”, which referred to if you actual had purchased SketchUp Pro 2016.

But as you did not, the suggestion was flawed by the information given. Ie “garbage in > garbage out”.

(I’ll add a note to that post to correct the misinformation.)

Older Release Notes | SketchUp Help says:

Support for El Capitan and Windows 10

Our QA team has smashed and banged on these new operating systems enough to say that SketchUp 2016 is fully compatible with Apple’s El Capitan and Microsoft’s Windows 10.

It is more likely that SketchUp 2016 has an issue with some Win10 drivers. I’d suspect graphics.
Updating the graphics drivers, or switching off “Use fast feedback” in SketchUp’s OpenGL preferences will often fix the issues (especially if SketchUp must use Intel integrated graphics.)


FYI, a correction. In the following quote from SketchUp support (if it is a direct quote) the team member erred in using the word “license”.

It was your maintenance and support plan that expired, not your license.
Classic SketchUp licenses never expire.

This is an indication that the “fast feedback” option needs to be unchecked in SketchUp’s OpenGL preferences. (This is common when using Intel integrated graphics.)

From a company’s support perspective, when you haven’t kept up your support plan payments, but are still asking for support … for a software version no longer officially supported, we shouldn’t be surprised.


@DanRathbun, great support, as always +1