Is Sketchup Pro 2017 compatible with Windows 10?

Hello all,

I would like to know if Sketchup Pro 2017 can run under Windows 10?

Asking because I am an Architectural designer, and I want to order a CNC machine that requires Windows 8.2 or newer for its 3D modelling software. I also need to download an engineering software that requires Windows 10. I need to make sure all of my programs are compatible with Windows 10,
so I can back them up and restore them from my current Windows 8.1
Thanks in advance.


Yes. SketchUp 2017 Pro will run on Windows 10 just fine.

Make sure when you install it that you right click on the downloaded installer file and choose Run as administrator.

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Hey Dave,

So I have to reinstall the program after I have switched from my current Windows 8,1 os to Windows 10?Do I have to reinstall all of my programs including Autodesk 2020, Rhino 5 and Adobe CS6 suite? I just thought that was what restore files from backup using File History was for?

It may be that your programs will be fine after the OS is updated but you should be prepared to reinstall them. Windows 10 does have some additional permissions requirements for the programs you run. Installing them or repairing the installations using Run as administrator will make sure those permissions get set correctly. You could be proactive on this or you could wait to see what happens and if you have any problems. Then go through the process. At least as far as SketchUp is concerned, reinstalling/repairing the installation only take a couple of minutes and is no trouble.

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Thanks Dave. Got it. I appreciate your help sir.

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