Sketchup 8 Pro with Windows 10

So my computer was nagging me on upgrading to Windows 10. The compatibility test that it ran told me that all of my programs would work fine in Windows 10. So I do the upgrade and when I load Sketchup 8 it will open but when I load one of my files it I will get a bug splat. I tried running as administrator, changing the compatibility settings and nothing works. It’s already too late and I’ve past the 30 days to revert back to Windows 7.

Any suggestions?

The plug-ins that have are: podium, vray, indigo

Windows 10 wasn’t likely even thought of when SketchUp 8 was released. In no way should anyone consider that SketchUp 8 is supported under Windows 10, and since it’s beyond “end of life”, not currently supported under any operating system regardless of version.

(1) Disable the 3 renderers, and see if you can load a file.

(2) if not, see if there is an updated video driver for Windows 10, for your graphics. Try to run it again.

(3) if not, install a SketchUp 2016 Make edition. See which one (32-bit or 64-bit) is more stable and works with your graphics.

(4) If that works, you’ll need to upgrade to Pro 2016, (if doing commerical work,) and get versions of the renderers that run under 2016, and Windows 10, for whatever bitness that works.

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We updated to windows 10 and apart from a few annoyances, virtually all programs still work as they should…I’ve found no difference in the way Sketchup works…and I use the same version as you

(2.1) try if disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” workarounds OpenGL issues of the video driver.

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