New laptop: Windows 10: compatibility issues?

Hi, I need to buy a new laptop for Sketchup Pro 2017 and have shortlisted the Asus Rog Strix GL502VM, the problem is it comes with Windows 10 installed and according to SketchUp info Windows 8.1 is recommended.

I have 2 questions:
Will SketchUp Pro 2017 load and run on Windows 10?
Any comments on the suitability/performance of the Asus laptop indicated above?

I am using SketchUp in a professional capacity and need to produce quite complex interior renders. Currently run Sketch UpPro 2015 on a Sony laptop, it handles it but struggles sometimes.

Often the MS OS licenses can be downgraded to an earlier version, find out if you have this option.

• SketchUp Help Center : SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements

I don’t see any recommendation for Win 8… which would be suprising with Win 8.x vanishing and the recent evolution called Win 10 being avail.

There is an issue with the selection tool lagging since the latest Windows ‘Creators Update’ in connection with some graphics card drivers etc., further info at:

Thanks for your comments, that’s good to hear SketchUp 2017 will run successfully on Windows 10.

Downgrade is not an option but thanks for your comments.

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