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I am just now starting to experiment with Styles and I am getting confused and probably messing things up. In this particular file, I do have one section cut (experimenting with those as well) and copied a default style with this section cut active. Now here is how I am confused. I am trying to decide between hidden lines style or wireframe, but what I don’t understand is why one is showing the cross section cut and the other is not. Even if I toggle the section cuts OFF on the style, it seems to make no difference in showing the style with the section cut. Did I ruin a default style? I appear to have changed the style, but how?

Hise Vanity Cabinet.skp (248.5 KB)

You section plane doesn’t cross through the model for one thing. So the wireframe style is showing you all of the geometry while Hidden Line is showing you the side of the case.

Technically the wireframe view is not showing a section cut. It’s just showing all of the edges without faces.

All three styles are set to show section cuts. No problem seen here.

Edit-- yes to experiment how styles are affecting section cuts–move a section plane over an object.

So it appears to me that the section cut goes completely through the cabinet that I am trying to look at. I guess I don’t understand why the section cut size is making a difference?

Is one of the styles showing the both cabinets at the same time because of the the section cut? I am even more confused now

I thought Hidden Lines would show more lines than the wireframe?

No. Hidden Line only shows the visible lines with faces.

Wireframe shows all the edges with no faces.

In your file, as it opened, you had layers turned off for all but the one cabinet that I showed.

I’m not understanding what the problem is with the section cut. The section cut will extend to include all of the model in the context of the cut. The size of the section plane is as it is because you have walls and floor in your model that extend out well past the cabinets.

In this situation that shouldn’t be a problem but if you wanted to show a section cut through only certain parts of the model, you would need to put the section cut inside a group or component that also contains those parts.

Here I’ve opened the seat cushion component and added a section cut so it only cuts the cushion and not the rest of the chair.

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Okay, so they styles names are misleading. Maybe that was what was causing the confusion. THANK YOU!

‘Back Edges’ are more akin to the traditional use of the term ‘Hidden Line’ in technical drawing…


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Ohh, my understanding of section cuts had not gotten that far to realize I could contain them within a group or component. I will have to try that.