Style Builder will not open

Style Builder fails to open. It initially says it’s not responding then I get a windows prompt to close the program. I have the latest .net,
SketchUp and LayOut both open without issue though I initially had a bug splat on SketchUp which when I ran the registry fix, it corrected the crashing.
SketchUp Make Ver 17.1.174 64bit, Windows 10.


Style Builder is a Pro-only feature. It won’t open for SketchUp Make users.

LayOut shouldn’t be opening because that’s also a Pro-only feature.

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A tweak on @DaveR’s response: Make will start off with a trial period during which the Pro features, including Layout and Style Builder are enabled. That may be why you are able to launch Layout. Style Builder should also run. When the trial expires, these features will be disabled unless you purchase a Pro license.

From your image, I assume you are not getting a BugSplat, just the Windows notification?

This is the 28 day trial. No bug splat, just windows error.

Another user has reported a similar problem. Perhaps if he finds an answer it will apply to your case also:

You can find the Windows Error Reporting (WER) report folder and look at the files.

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