Bugsplat style builder 2020.2

hello my name is jack, can anyone help? i have been having trouble opening the style builder attached to my sketch up 2020. when ever i try i receive a bug splat have tried everything i could find on here as advice but nothing has worked for me, i have used sketch up check up and says all is fine with my computer, i even tried uninstalling and reinstalling sketch up but hasn’t fixed the issue. please help as i am trying too put together a website of my design work at the moment and need style builder thanks, jack

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Style Builder giving a Bug Splat. First thought is incorrect installation. Find the downloaded installer and right click on it. Choose Run as administrator. If given the choice, choose Repair. Of course do this with SketchUp and LayOut closed.

What graphics card do you have? Please complete your profile.

hello thanks for trying to help, am trying the process now, however when i right click on the download installer it has no option to run as administrator however i can choose repair from the choice menu
i believe my graphics card is listed as Intel® Iris™ Graphics 6100
does that help? thanks again

What version of Windows are you running?

Do the repair and see what happens.

Please complete your profile with the Windows version and graphics card model. Also go to the Intel site, download and install the latest drivers for your GPU.

You might find it interesting to Google your graphics card for benchmarks to see how it compares with other graphics cards. Might be worth thinking about a new computer with a better GPU.

hello, ok so have updated the latest drivers for the graphics card Intel® Iris™ Graphics 6100, still no joy unfortunately. my computer has windows 10.
i have checked how the graphics card ranks and unfortunately it is quite low i will have to buy a new computer at some point , however do you have any other ideas to get the style builder program running on this one for now thanks for your help, jack

Did you try repairing the SketchUp installation? Do you have the latest installer from sketchup.com/download/all?

Since Style Builder won’t open it’s probably safe to assume you haven’t generated a template yet. Do you know what numbers you want for the template? I could generate the template and send it to you to fill out and you could send it back to me.

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