Style Builder 2018 Q's


Hey! all you Google Sketch Up aficionados - this is (the other) Robert Palmer (alias: RSVPalmer ) - but my Stage Name or username here is ArtistBob !

I’m reviewing some of the potential possibilities for using ‘Style Builder 2018’

  • although, in looking through the posted Q’s etc.
    How come there is NOT a Topic for - Style Builder 2018 - in current Q’s listed?

is it possible . . .
This may sound perplexing, convoluted or perhaps not possible at all - but - I’m looking for a way to generate or create a ‘walk-through’ similar to the one used in the line drawing images in Style Builder 2018? - The difference is - I would like to use a created 3D Digital Fine Art image (Painting) that has a basis that is initially done with a line drawing - similar to -


WalkAbout Worlds -
What if you could walk around inside a photograph?

Put your ‘conceptual thinking caps’ on . . .

thank you for your time and help on this question !

ArtistBob . . . over


It hasn’t been Google SketchUp for more than 6 years. :wink:

Do you have a specific question about Style Builder? Or maybe you just need someone to tell you what Style Builder does? Style Builder is used to create your own sketchy edges styles for SketchUp from lines you’ve either drawn by hand on a printed copy of the template or ones you’ve drawn digitally in some program such as Painter or Photshop.

Style Builder isn’t involved in creating walkthroughs or animations. That you would do in SketchUp and if you want to use a style you’ve created with Style Builder, that’s fine.


sticking to the confines of what a program is supposed to do is great - but - once you done that - it’s kind of boring for innovative Artists that think outside the box - and think - “what if I . . .” - Just a thought - thanks for the input !

PS - I haven’t created Sculpture for six (6) years - (because of physical (& age) disability) - but I still call myself a ‘Sculptor’ !