Style Builder Sample Strokes Lost

I have somehow deleted the sample strokes in Style Builder. It’s there any way to get them back.

Thanks for your help.

SketchUp 2022
Windows 10

Interestingly the sample strokes don’t show in Style Builder 2022. I hadn’t noticed. before.

Hang on.

Out of curiosity, do you actually use the sample strokes for anything?

Evidently they left the folder called Sample Strokes out of SB 2022. I never used it anyway and hadn’t missed it. Here I’ve zipped up the folder from SB2021 for you. Unzip it and stick it in ProgramData/SketchUp/SketchUp 2022/Style Builder. then open Style Builder.
Sample (15.0 KB)

Awesome Dave! Thank you so much.

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You’re quite welcome.

FWIW, I don’t know if the omission of that folder was an oversight or intentional. Perhaps @colin knows who to ask.

As I wrote earlier, I’ve never used them so didn’t miss them. I’m always loading my own strokes right away.

I looked in ProgramData for various versions, and all except 2022 had the folder in there. For the 2015 and 2017 installs I have, the folder is also in Program Files, which I guess gets unpacked into ProgramData when you first run. 2018 and later don’t have a copy of the folder anywhere, so I’m not sure how it normally gets placed into ProgramData.

So, it could be that the 2022 installer is missing the folder, or it is failing to unpack. @WebHorst may know what is going on.

One thing to notice, Style Builder doesn’t show a year anymore, maybe that affected things.

I got the folder I uploaded out of 2021 on Windows. Unless it is normally automaticaly retrieved from an earlier installation I would expect it should be pack with the installation files. Of course someone who is installing 2022 as their first version of SketchUp wouldn’t have that folder to move like I did.


Why should it?
It hasn’t changed since version 6, I think?
(Even the template.png still says ‘Style Maker’ instead of ‘StyleBuilder’)

Maybe time for another App that ships with SketchUp:
‘ExtensionBuilder’ or
‘LiveComponent Maker’ :grinning:

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