A Sketchy Line Style


These are a couple examples of an ink line style I made with Style Builder. Both use the same style but were exported at different sizes.


Pretty beautiful style!
This really seems to be made by hand!


Style Builder is another corner of SketchUp that I just haven’t learned. Some day.


Me too :grin:


If you wanna take a look:


Love the trees!! It all works very well together…Mick C


These are fantastic, Dave! Thanks for sharing them.



Thank you. It’s interesting to me how much of a change there can be in a style by changing the export size. Here’s another comparison.

Exported at screen size.

Exported at 3000 px wide.


Hi Dave, the second image in the original post, may I ask the export size? It is very crisp and clean…Mick


Hi Mitchell. It was exported at 3000 pixels wide. The first image was exported at just under 1600 pixels wide.


Thanks, Dave!!