Quarantine Style Experiment

Haven’t had time to experiment with new styles for awhile. Figured today is a good day for that. An old model with new sketchy style with easy multiple line weights. This is a first try and I think I can refine it but I thought I’d show the starting point.


How are the shrubs treated differently that they have a lighter line? How do you get easy multiple line weights?

Same style, multiple image exports changing the level of detail and the image size. The style has 10 different strokes in each of the 7 available lengths. Only takes seconds to combine them.

Do I sense a tutorial? Combine in LayOut?

I suppose I could do a quick tutorial. I just did the combining in an image editor, though, so maybe not interesting.

Is a tutorial for that something you’re interested in?

Here’s another experiment. Even vector hatching. :smiley:


I can see the combining in GIMP etc. so that’s understandable. I am not sure I get the different strokes in one style how that affects things other than finer detail (many sketchy styles don’t work as well with short edges vs. long edges). I thought there was something new about style maker styles I didn’t know about.

It seems the background texture could only be applied on one layer? You have to export some linework with that turned off.

That’s nice! That’s actually refreshingly readable after looking at black-on-white all the time. I see you got St. Patrick’s lunch in there too!

There may be something to the background texture too. It could be having it textured is better than solid gray. Gives your eye natural ques to see the drawing more clearly?

Here’s the template for a style I made. In my case I have 10 strokes in each of the available 7 lengths.

In the Styles edit options you can limit the shortest ones that are displayed by adjusting the slider.

So I create images at different sizes and with different levels of details.

For the shading in this one, I exported only shadows.

And I ran it through FotoSketcher

St. Patty’s lunch on the Pit Barrel Cooker. Yum!

And thank you.

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If the style you are using doesn’t include the shorter strokes, some short edges in the model can drop out especially on rounded things where the curves are exploded like on this lamp.

With the curves welded (I use Eneroth Auto Weld) the shorter segments don’t drop out.


Very good! Thank you. Ah, Foto Sketcher. Great addition.

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Thank you. I think FotoSketcher is a Windows only thing but many image editors can do similar things.

On Mac we have Sketcher, but it just isn’t as good.

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That option

too (it is gone in Mac 2020)