Sketchy Shadow Experiment

I was just doodling today with creating sketchy shadows. This is the first attempt.


Great result! :+1:

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Hi, Dave-

Is it a tool or an attribute? Texture placement or?

You helped me with placing a sink on an island top.

So looked it up and it is in Styles so will have to try it.

I like sketching!


None of the above. In that example, it’s done in post-processing.

Is the real sink in the island, yet?

The edges are a sketchy style. In my example, they are a sketchy style I created using Style Builder.

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Hi Dave,

When you positioned the seat slats did you do it manually or use an extension such as Pathcopy?

Just interested how you would approach that.

Nice shadows btw

Ian, I did use PathCopy to place the seat slats. The backrest slats were done differently.

Thanks on the shadows.

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Thanks for the info

I have done similar manually many times frustratingly but there’s always an easier way you just have to know about it. I have pathcopy but not put it to much use as of date.

Good to know though.

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I really like this technique, @DaveR. I’d bet that many users would benefit from a tutorial explaining how the result is achieved. Any chance of you providing a video or verbal instruction on this?

Hey, Dave-

The real sink is specified and the drawings are out for bids. But, I have not finished modeling the Kitchen (:-/

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Nice scratches Dave. Still think it’s a groundhog :slight_smile:

No doubt that’s a pareie dog. No wait, wood chuck, no Ground squirrel. Dang.

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It doesn’t appear that it would be too hard for Trimble to allow a texture to overlay or replace the shadows in a model. Although your technique varies the hatch nicely.

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