Make hand drawn render styles

We are thinking of making the jump to SketchUp Pro 2018
Anyone have any examples of the output from the new function ‘Make hand drawn render styles’
We are looking to produce a real hand sketched & hand rendered looking presentation material.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know of a new function for that. You can use Style Builder, which has been around for quite awhile, to make your own hand drawn styles. I’ll add some examples with styles I’ve done over the years.

FWIW, Style Builder is great for creating the hand drawn line styles. After you get the new style set up in SketchUp, you can add to it with watermarks and background settings.

Texture in the shaded areas was done in post.

You can use textures and materials if you want. In this image even the wood grain textures are hand drawn.

I used to use watermark images quite frequently but generally now prefer to add backgrounds and that sort of thing in post.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that image export size has an impact on the appearance of the style. The image below shows the difference between various export sizes using the same style.

If you want thinner lines, export large and resize the image in your image editor.


In my experience in both design and visualization is that no “one-click” solution for a hand drawn style that looks good.

But if you have any comfort with Photoshop you can do some nice effects in very little time. Here’s a view and enlargement I did with some color splashes and a paper texture added over lines. No special filters or brushes beyond default tools.

To me it seems that the color and texture have more impact on the “looseness” of a drawing than the lines themselves. Here I left the SU linework unedited. I know that may not be the answer you’re looking for but I’d recommend making the jump to Pro either way as you have multiple options as to how to get the finished result you’re looking for.


Here is a quick one:


Hi Dave,
Thanks for the response and the advice! it well noted and looks like there are may tricks to consider.
The main difference for me is that I am after a real sketchy yet half marker penned look (I used to used Magic Markers back in the day, but I have lost looseness look I was able to do back then)
I will play around and see where I get…
Thanks again

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Yes. FotoSketcher is a good tool to know. I used it for the shadows in several of the images I posted above.

This also had some FotoSketcher treatment.

As did this.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for link to the Foto Sketcher… much appreciated

I think you can do a lot of what you want by creating the appropriate styles with Style Builder. You might find that combining image exports with two different styles might be useful. This isn’t at all difficult and you have a lot of control.

Some things like shadows will need to be done in post processing but even that’s not that big of a deal. If you need to, you can export the shadows only and then work with them separately before combining the result with lines and textures.

I feel that I need to loads of messing about and try many techniques before I get the desired look.


I bet you didn’t get the desired look with markers the first time you tried it. Build up to it again. You’ll get it.

In a way I am trying to create this look… without post work! :sunglasses:


I don’t think you’ll do that in any modeling program without post work. And it may be that you’ll just need to do the coloring work in some other program. The lines aren’t a big deal and you can export a lines only images and do the coloring in Photoshop or maybe Corel Painter.

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This was my Bible back in the day…

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Maybe its a case that I need to get the sketch look spot on… then print, add a bit of color, scan back in and do post work in Photoshop/other and add to presentation… I do enjoy hand render TBH

I like the hand rendered look, too. You might have a look at something like a Wacom Cintiq if you want to do the hand work electronically.

You will not get anything like for like in a direct export, as Dave said getting a Cintiq is probably a good investment if you are doing a lot of these.


Nice list I might pick one of those up!

I will take a look at one of these, but hope I am not too old school for such new tech!!
I do try and draw with the mouse…but get really poor results!

Thanks again guys