Hand Rendering

Hi friends! Is there a Style Extension that can be added to achieve this look? My Interior Design friend, Cynthia Leblanc, hand draws these for her clients. I know that you can create a model and print it with just lines and shadows and then use markers. But, I am not good with markers and I’d like to be able to modify the sketch electronically.

Not directly in SketchUp but there are some applications out there that can create painterly effects from images. I often use one called FotoSketcher for that sort of thing.

There is an extension called SketchFX that might be good to look at.

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I must admit I’d be happy to have a friend like Cynthia that I could ask to knock up some graphics for me.


I’ll check those out, thank you!!

Here’s an older thread with some ideas:

A tutorial about achieving a watercolour effect with SketchUp and Photoshop: