Watercolor - Really Quick, Really Cool


I’ve been using sketchup for a while. I needed to produce nice renderings for my presentations, but I didn’t want to spend the time to create a photo-realistic rendering, so I tried a watercolor version:

  Sketchup + Twilight Render (5 minutes) + Photoshop (1 hr) = Watercolor Rendering

Gallery of an interior draftsman



Nice. If you want to speed things up, you might try Fotosketcher with or without the Twilight render.


Yes, I do use Fotosketcher, I forgot to mention it. I combine the render from Twilight and Fotosketcher in Photoshop.


I think in many ways that your renderings look better than most photo realistic ones. Great work!..Mick C


Thank you. I think it’s a very thin line between creating a good photo-realistic rendering and something that looks “academic”. I rather go very simple and quick with my “watercolors”. It’s obvious that I’m not trying to make it photo realistic.


Adding more samples…


I particularly like the elevation. Is it Fotosketcher that’s creating the watercolor effects or brushwork in Photoshop?


I tried both (Fotosketcher and Photoshop) and I decided that the best watercolor effect is Fotosketcher. Here’s the trick, I made the compostion in Photoshop (sky, ground line, and vegetation), and I have two rendering images,
1) A rendering using Twilight Render and …
2) the Twilight Render with watercolor effect in Fotosketcher.

The water color layer in Photoshop is 60% in opacity, so what you see is a mix of two renderings, not 100% fotosketcher, not 100% rendering in Twilight.


Theres are the images (renderings) that I used in photoshop

  1. Lines
  2. Extension lines for the hand drawn effect
  3. Render (Twilight Render)
  4. Render adjusted in Fotosketcher




Awesome, looks great!