Style - background and edges same color possible?

Is there a trick to editing a style to have the background and edges the same color? In this case I want the background and the edges to both be pure black. With either parameter set in styles, if I attempt to set the second to the same color it changes the first to either black or white. It appears the SketchUp has these values linked so that they cannot be the same. It’s not a practical style choice for modeling I understand but I happen to need it for the current project. My workaround is to use two ever so slightly different “blacks” which SketchUp will allow. Just wondered if I’m missing something.

You can do it by using By Material on the edges and painting them black.


Another possibility is to set the RGB values for the background to 1,1,1 and leave the edge color set to 0,0,0. It’s only when the background and edge values are both 0,0,0 that one of them changes to white.


Excellent, both are great creative solutions. Thanks fellas.