Studio Licence not recognised by SU2024

So I have a SU Studio license valid until Nov 2024 with which I have been successfully using SU2023 for months. Today I foolishly “upgraded” to SU2024 and after much faffing with the license management stuff because it was insistent that I had to log out of another instance of SU (no idea where that would be running) I fat fingered something and ended up on a trial license version of SU 2024 which effectively blocks any return to the license configuration stuff, and doesn’t appear to give me my VRay tools.

How do I dig myself out of this hole?


Open up 2023 and Sign out of it. Don’t just quit.

Thanks for the rapid reply.

I thought I did that. As it turns out, when I run SU2023 again, it tells me I’ve got 8 days of my trial license left there too so I seem to have somehow turned off my Studio licence ?!

Sign out of 2023. Then sign into 2024 you don’t need a trial. Check sign in at

The usual “you are now logged into all things sketchup” route works, but there’s no way from there to my profile. I tried to log in on the trimble site you linked and it recognised me (my name on screen) but when I tried to click “My Profile” I got a login failed message.

Thanks for persevering!


Update: by a circuitous route I managed to get back into the license management tool and it seems that I had somehow turned off the allocation of the license to me. So I now have SU2024 Studio, but no VRay carried forwards from SU2023, I assume I have to re-install that separately. I hope the license transfers seamlessly Thanks for your pointers.

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