License input keeps me in TRIAL mode in SU 2015

I have a licensed version for SU 2014 which is valid through 10/2015. I ran through the SU website dialogs to get a new license for SU 2015 64-bit. I inserted the license, which the SU website indicated was valid for SU 2015 and it continues to keep me in TRIAL mode.

Any thoughts?

Yes seen a couple instances like this…

Open up SketchUp and go to


And add in manually

What go you get ?

Thanks for your response.

I just added it manually and nothing changed.

It remains in TRIAL mode.

It’s a known issue were waiting on s response too

Thanks, will post if and when I get a reply.

Great … Time zone may help get the solution here :wink:

It appears they have fixed the problem internally. I’ve just reinserted the license info and it has registered properly. I cut and pasted into the “Advanced” window. I did email the issue to SU earlier today, so I don’t know if it was an account issue or something else.- at any rate, it has been resolved on my end.

Appreciate the input.

Cool fab will reiterate this

We did have an issue this morning, but sorted it out… yours might be in that bucket. Specifically, if you had any characters in your name or company name it would cause our servers to create a corrupt license. Most typically this was the inclusion of an ampersand (&) but could have been a few other characters.

In any case, that’s all sorted. Sadly our fancy new error messages didn’t capture that properly. )c:

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