Upgrading not working

I was using Sketchup 8 Pro and downloaded the 2014 trial. After it was over, I purchased a new yearly license. I received the authorization number along with the serial number in an email. However when I go to enter my license information it will not accept the authorization code.

I believe the problem might be that I want to only upgrade to 2014 and the authorization is for 2015. Does anyone know how I can rectify this? I want to use 2014 for the time being because my design software works best with this version so far. Thanks.

SU license data is in general version specific, i.e.a SUP 2015 license won’t work with SUP 2014.

why not give 2015 a try, should work with your design as good as rev. 2014.

Thanks so much for your reply. However before I ordered, I decided to call my software company. They told me that things have not been optimized for 2015 yet and since I am happy with how 2014 is working with my program, I was not looking for any issues. I assumed I could keep working in 2014 and upgrade to 2015 when things are more encouraging.

You need to contact SketchUp Customer Support in regard to licensing issues.

Thanks Dan. I did that yesterday (filled out the form) but have not heard back. I can’t find a phone number for them. Update: I finally found a phone number.