Reloading sketchup 2014 has left me stuck at expired license

Had to reload Sketchup 2014 and I assume since Pro and Make are intregrated it now ask for a license because technically i used up my free tral So If I keep it installed and/or on for eight hours, will it revert back to Make and start working again. Using Vista so can’t load 2015 but I did load 2013 and it works for now but would like my 2014 back.

Actuall sketchup 2013 doesn’t work as is says the files were created by a newer version so I’m still stuck.

do a “Save as…” for saving in an older file format version.

SU Pro 2014 runs 8 hours as trial and then ceases to work.
SU Make 2014 runs 8 hours as a trial of the Pro version and than degenerates to the Make version and their reduced functionality.

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