License Problem after Crash

Hello there
I´m using Sketchup Make 14 on a laptop with Windows Vista.
I´ve been working with Sketchup Make 14 for a few weeks. Last week i wanted to print to a pdf printer. Sketchup chrahed. I restartet Sketchup an the Splash screen shows me sketchup pro instead of sketchup make and that my 8hour demo license has expired. I never installed the Pro version. I spent a whole day with reading community topics. I tried to reinstall different Versions. Yesterday i deleted sketchup on my hard drive. I also searched the registry for sketchup and deleted all entries. Then i started setup again. the installation process was significantly slower than at the last tries and always displayed me “Sketchup make 2014”. After installation it was the same again: Splash screen shows “Sketchup PRO 2014” and that ma license has expired.
I don´t know would i could do now. Installation of a newer windows version is no option !!
Thanks for your help

Have you used this link to get a plain Make version ?

Yes, i have used exactly this version. and, as written, during installation everything seemed to be okay. I tried different versions to install, but the result was always the same

hello denisroy
I have the problems with SU 2014

I tried changing system time. Because i dont know the initial installation date i tried any date in 2013. The only difference now is that at the splash screen it shows Licensing Status: expired instead of 8 hour trial expired.