SU2017 License Running in SU2016

Hello guys,

I just purchased SU 2017 but it seems that my VRAY used as renderer does not really support SU 2017 because I cannot find any installation executable files from my local reseller / distributors.

Is it possible to use SU 2017 license for SU 2016 in any way? I tried directly putting in my SERIAL as license verification but SU 2016 does not accept that because it is only applicable to the 2017 version.

I just want to get my rendering engine to work side by side with SketchUp.

Looking forward to the comments down below. Thanks!

No. A SketchUp license is version-specific. The license for one version will not work with another version. Perhaps you can get them to sell you a license for SU2016.

Have you tried this?

Hi Cotty,

I have tried installing the VRAY 3.4 Public Beta, I have trouble getting the licensing to work flawlessly.

All Vray buttons appeared in SU2017 like normally do, the program booted up normally BUT

when I clicked one of many buttons of Vray in the SU, it says error like:

Unable to checkout GUI.

I don’t understand why. The VRLicensing program is not running on my status bar of my macbook like the Vray 2.0 version, ONLINE Licensing and OFFLINE Licensing turn out to be green while DONGLE Licensing remains orange.

Here is the screenshot of my SU2017…

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Have you tried contacting the Vray customer service people?

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