Struggling to properly open an architects skp file

Hi. I posted about this before, but I fully failed previously and I wonder if anyone can help. An architect did some drawings for me a while back (DWG’s). I tried previously to import his files and failed basically, so instead I got him to convert his files his end to skp. They should open up to show me all the work he did right? But instead I see what looks like his base layer (a map) and nothing else. Could this be a compatabily issue between his files (made in sketchup pro) and my app which is just teh web based version. I will attach his file, also a screenshot of what I see when I open it up. Note that its clear he has many tags items in his file, but nothing I do shows them.

merrivale.skp (314.7 KB)

First thought, maybe they forgot to include their external references in their export file.
I often receive cad exported files with only the drawing frame / layout and find all reference files colored red.

Not sure what they should have designed, but i did see a floormap in the file you shared.
Are you sure they build this model in SU Pro, or did they exported an cad file (dxf/dwg/dgn) to skp?

That’s all that is in that file

Thanks so much for your thoughts…I asked them to please open their original DWG in sketchup and export it from there as an skp so I could read it. I presume they did that, and we are both looking at that file.

Could you also share the original dwg file?
Curious what is inside that file, like are there any red reference files?

Sure here is the DWG. It should contain a comprehensive build of my building surrounded by the neighbourhood. With many variations of designs in different layers/tags too I imagine.
2a Merivale Existing.dwg (433.5 KB)
Merivale Existing.skp (295.3 KB)

It does contain at least one comprehensive build with a floorplan of the ground- and first floor, but can not find other variations though.
Also no (missing) references attached.
So is does match what is inside the skp file and therefore has nothing to do with compatability.

Thanks Antonio. That’s useful information. But Here’s my question I guess…How come I cannot see the comprehensive floodplain in my web sketchup and you can in your version?

you can. they are here.

when you import a dwg in sketchup, you loose stuff like colours (you can get them back), dimensions, hatches and all. making the result look very raw.

I advise you to ask to a pdf version in addition, so that you can read the file as it was made in addition to the sketchup import

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My appologies, maybe i wasn’t clear enough. The first screenshot you shared does contain the same floorplans as i can see here, not sure if this is the actual excisting situation (as mentioned in the cad file) or if this is only one of the new designs.

Anywhoe, as @ateliernab suggested, also ask for pdf files, always usefull.
And let them double check their exports before sending, to be sure everything is included.