Stray surfaces when using push pull

Forgive me to start, I haven’t used any sort of 3D modeling software for around 12 years. I’m trying to design parts for a model aircraft and I’ve come stumped.

I’m trying to pull a surface down which has some surfaces already removed, but when I pull down, I’m getting stray surfaces from what is already removed. When I try to remove said stray surfaces, it causes the model to become “hollow”

As you can see from the picture, one of the 4 holes has retracted with the rest of the surface, but the other 3 have stayed. How do I take these away without causing the hollow effect I’m getting?

Thanks in advance

(You can upload your model here to get more specific help)

How are thode holes created? Did you use am inference for the pushpull like an endpoint of one edge for the face?

I’m pretty sure I selected the end point at the base of the model, but again, I’m taking more “educated guesses” with this current model, I can’t be sure what I’ve done :confused: . Some of it has been changed and some of the measurement guides are off. Some parts have moved as I’m working off a model that is sat in front of me.

Here is the file (I hope) Untitled.skp (1.2 MB)

With “color by axis” /style setting) and hidden geometry turned on, you can see that the hole isn’t perpendicular to the face. I’m not sure how you’ve created this… you should delete those holes and redraw them.

Ahh! I think I know what I have done. :cry:

All these holes were created, but then realised that the measurements were off (a few mm) so I “moved” them via the select and move, but I assume I’ve only moved them on the top of the model making them slightly squiffy compared to the bottom of the model? You can see on the tops of the holes is where they originally were…

It’s now fixed. Thank you Cotty! :smiley:

Hex centre support.skp (1.1 MB)

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