Strange teleporting/phasing happening, can't select group

It seems time to revisit an old thread, Slow Performance. I did a little reduction surgery on a door knob back then to improve the way the model handled. Something similar can be done here with the spindles.

Think you can live with lower poly spindles to improve file performance?

An interesting thing happened on the way to get a copy of that spindle. When trying to drill down into the Simple Stair railing_4 component in the troubled house model

Parts of the railing assembly would fly out when clicking on the individual parts:

After saving out the Simple Stair Railing_4 component as its own file, the same assembly behaved normally. The malfunction was just in the building file.

When you redo the spindle component, just make sure the component axis remains in the same place and the height remains the same. Then you can select the old spindles and replace them with the new component through the context menu options for the new component in the Component Browser. The axis acts as a registration point.

Systematically clean things up as suggested throughout this thread and begin reassembling the building in a new file, checking for wacky behavior with each addition in the new file.


I wonder if the thread [OpenStudio] Displaced Groups after save and reopen - #7 by ruben_ec_santos
is about the same problem. Are you using any plugins?

Was imported CAD geometry used in creating the model?

Maybe someone from the SketchUp team should take a look at your model - they have their own tools for analyzng SKP files.


Yeah, I once helped someone modeling things off an imported CAD file. His problem revolved more around camera clipping that got worse when attempting to edit groups, but other strange things were happening too. The ultimate solution was to copy the geometry and paste it into a new file. The garbage from the CAD import stayed behind.

In the OP file, the upper floor components I believe were modeled in a separate file. That ground floor was a group. It may be better to copy that geometry and paste it into its own file to help eliminate underlying garbage instead of making it a component > r-click > Save As.

When you r-click on a component, there’s an option to Reload. That will let you replace that component with the model in another file. Again, the axis is a registration point.


Did you derive any of the components in the model from a dynamic component?
Just curious…

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