Made simple stair into a group; close group and only edges show!

So I have this outline skeleton of the stair when it’s in my model, and I see the faces only when I go into the group! I have no idea what could be causing it, and it’s the first time this has ever happened. Am using SU 2017,

You need to show us the model. Attach it here or if too big upload to dropbox or similar and add a link to it.

Might be an incorrect layer issue.

I’m not sure how to bring it in here. The whole file is a bigger drawing than it need be, because I have two floors of plans only, then to the right, extruded for both floors (also next to each other). It is all much smaller and less significant than many other things I’ve made, but here is where I’ve had this problem for the first time! Can I just drag that staircase in here?

Copy and paste the staircase into a new model and attach that.

36-Helms-Hill-for-inspection.skp (149.3 KB)

This was the first modeling of new field measurements – not everything worked out yet – top step only has 6" riser while the others are 7.5" – which is what they were in the field. But the only issue for me here is that stair - faces issue!

I also don’t know how a copy of the stair seems to have attached itself to our friend in the corner!

I’m not seeing any issues with the model.
Looks ok

It hasn’t behaved so nicely for me! I no longer see the stair in the corner – did you do something to combine them, when you clicked on the guy? Had the faces separated from it?

Or maybe you did something else?

I simply opened it.

Before this, I had opened and closed it ad infinitum, and nothing changed! But now I went both to my file I made for here, and the one before it, and somehow, when opening it this time, the stair in the corner vanished, and my stair suddenly had faces! I am mystified as to how this began in the first place, and how opening it finally combined the two – for that surely is what must have happened! That second corner stair is gone, now.

At any rate, thank you, though I still don’t know what happened! :slight_smile:

Gremlins or ghosts in the machine.

HA! :smiley:


The staircase continued to act like that. I thought maybe it was connected to the front door, so I completely deleted the front door, as well as that stair, and built a brand-new one, this time making the risers 7 25/64" each, and doing it outside the house. No sooner was it finished and I grouped it, it started behaving the same way as the previous one, losing its faces and just showing up as a collection of edges. I am at a loss, There must be someone who has come across this before? And understands why this is happening?

I saw nothing abnormal in the file you posted. I can only guess that it might be a graphics problem
You could try to

  • update your graphics card driver (from the Nvidia website)
  • check in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings that SketchUp is set to use your Nvidia card
  • in SketchUp, Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL check the status of the “Use Fast Feedback” box. It should be checked for Nvidia cards, but if the problem persists, you can also try turning it off.
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