Strange macOS Bluetooth management bug

This is not SketchUp-specific, but could affect users who run SketchUp on a MacBook (any Intel version, not sure about M1), have a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, and have updated to macOS Monterey 12.2. It was reported in the media and I have confirmed it through experimentation.

When the laptop lid is closed and it is supposedly asleep and not on the charger, the Bluetooth subsystem will wake the laptop up frequently to check Bluetooth status. The result is that over a surprisingly short period of time (less than 8 hours even with a fully charged battery) the wakeups will drain the battery down to effectively 0 and it will be impossible to wake the laptop until it has been charged for a while. I suspect the same phenomenon could also explain MacBooks seeming to get less runtime than expected whenever not on the charger.

There is no known settings change or configuration that will avoid the issue. There are two workarounds:

  • leave the charger connected even if you close the lid and expect it to sleep
  • turn off Bluetooth before you close the lid

Obviously the first will work because it keeps refilling the batttery. I have experimentally verified the second by comparing what happens when Bluetooth is left on vs turned off.

This is a new bug that was not present in prior versions of macOS. Apple has not, to my knowledge, commented on it, so it is unknown at this point whether Monterey 12.3 will include a fix.

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