Strange display behavior in Layout 2020

I noticed a strange display behavior in my layout version. Hairlines are shown in a square shape. If I zoom a little, they’ll be gone. Can anyone besides me confirm this behavior?

iMac late 2015, SU Pro 2020, Layout 2020

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I can.

This artifact is reported and has the attention of the developers…


This is a display only issue on macOS in LayOut 2020.0 that does not affect printing or exporting. It should only occur if you are zoomed in past a certain zoom level, which may vary per document. We are investigating this issue, but don’t have a timeframe for a fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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Ok, thank you.

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Hi Adam,
there is another problem with the Mac version of layout: placed png images are only displayed very brightly after being output as PDF.