Strange grid pattern on the screen? Layout 2020


Besides a really bad performance on my MBP (maxed out 16" latest model) I am experiencing a strange grid pattern on Layout. Is anything I can do to fix this problem?



This was reported awhile ago with 2020. Do you have the latest release of it installed?

Yes, I do. I just double checked.

It’s a known visual bug that pops up from time to time in Layout 2020, should be fixed soon if not already in the maintenance releases. It does not output when you export your document and usually goes away for me if I hit zoom to page, or if already there, zoom out and then zoom to page. In a few stubborn cases I have had to re-render the offending viewport.

Hi @Gusnyc

Relating to the bad performance of Layout, this to me has been a problem since Version 2019. One thing that did improve performance a bit was to change the Colour Profile of the Display from the default Mac one to either Generic Adobe or sRGB.

This was tried after another Forum Member suggested it and it has improved performance for me, in terms of zooming in Layout. No idea why but it has made a difference. This also applied to my high spec new iMac too which performed worse than my 2015 MacBook Pro with only an integrated GPU and far, far less RAM.

One suggestion that did pop up in a discussion was whether it is caused by Apple’s Retina Displays, somehow.

It’s still not great Performance but better than it was. I do live in hope that Layout’s performance will be improved dramatically for Macs.