2020 rendering very slow and jumpy compared to 2019 on Mac

I use SketchUp Pro on a MacBook Air (Mid 2012 2Ghz Dual-Core i7 8GB Ram) with Thunderbolt Display. Since installing 2020, graphics performance has slowed considerably, especially when zooming in. CPU, Memory and Graphics card processes are not under any pressure. I have made no other changes and have not had issues before. I have upgraded each year since v2015. Anyone experienced similar issues? Any ideas?

I had a 2012 27" iMac and started noticing reduced performance on multiple programs especially after each Mac OS update, Sketchup included. I upgraded last year to a new 2019 27 iMac with 9th-generation 3.7 GHz i5 w Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB. Performance is breathtaking by comparison. Probably just time to upgrade the hardware. This Mac btw, and I have had many over the years, is far and away the best I have had!

Hi, thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Of course it increasingly crosses my mind that I’m wringing the last out of my nearly eight year old mac. But it works just fine for most things but I guess graphics are where it will struggle. I am curious, however, why such a different between 2019 and 2020 when there doesn’t appear to be any substantial change to warrant more computing. Nonetheless, I guess it’s time to bite the bullet as it is adversely affecting my efforts now and as you say the improvement will be pretty massive around. Thanks again for replying.