Permanent waiting times in 2019.2 pro on mac

2019 seems to have huge problems with memory and speed. Whatever you do, scroll, drag, zoom or copy/paste skp will snowball for way too long before something is changed. All settings checked, off and basic, to no avail.

And yet I find it the fastest I have ever used.
There are so many underlying OS, hardware, general settings and graphic card issues that it’s impossible to predict what setup will perform the best.

And you haven’t been that specific about your graphics card. Graphics cards make a huge difference.

Like you, I use a Mac but it is an iMac with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M 512 MB. If you hit About This Mac, it will tell you what you have. My machine is quite old now but it runs SU just fine.

Another thing that commonly causes slowdowns is the file size. If you have created a model with lots of high polygon count components, it will seem like wading through treacle.

Its one macbook pro 2012 and two 2015 with different graphics but same slowness. 512 ssd, 16 gb on High Sierra.
Filesize hardly matters, same problems in a small bathroom or in a built up fairhall of 12000m2. We do both.
Macs have happily run 2017, 18 even with vray, slowness started with 2019.

Mine is a mid-2012 15" MacBook Pro, and it runs SketchUp 2019 just fine (yeah, with beach balls when loading a model that has a million or so edges and faces and for import or export of similarly very detailed models, but eventually it recovers). I suspect there is something else going on in your case. What extensions/plugins do you have installed?

extensions: different on all three, with the only one allover Podium. Which when modeling is not used.

if it’s not disabled, it is running in the background and ‘still’ causes issues on the mac platform…



Curious. Are the files stored locally on the same internal drive? Are they subject to a cloud backup?

Everything locally stored on ssd.

Hm, curious. I recently switched from Mac to Windows, but before that, I used both SketchUp Pro 2018 and 2019 on my Macbook 2017, (i7 2,9Ghz, 16Gb Ram, Radeon Pro 560 4GB connected to two 4k-Monitors) and had no issues with both Versions. Overall Performance has been similar.
Maybe an extensions causes the Problem?

No noticeable difference with 2019 here. Bogs down a little on big files with lots of layers on, but no different than 2018.