Strange discrepencies between number of Views and number of Downloads

On one of my model published here on 3DWH, today, the number of Downloads mentionned is 348 and the number of Views mentioned is 318.
That seams strange to me.
What do you thing from your side?

Perhaps there were 30 people who downloaded them via the Components panel or the 3D Warehouse window in SketchUp without first viewing the page.

A little off topic:

In my home country, for example, the installation of solar panels has been banned. (Yes seriously, you not get permission from the government office.) Obviously the interest went down…

(For similar stupidity reasons in a past, luckily, now I’m living elsewhere)

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Hi Dave,
That might be an explanation, but its first time i’ve seen.

Hmmmm… I guess I can’t say I was ever concerned enough about views and downloads to even bother looking at them.