Error - massive spikes in 3D warehouse statistics


On 2 occasions now I can seen large spikes in downloads and view which I simply do not believe, because downloads never exceed views. Anybody else have the same experiences?

See fence props at



This is how to link to a model:
But analytics are not public.

There had been previous issues with statistics. The thing is that these may not be exact counts (every single event), but rather sanitized estimates.

  • It depends on the specific “definition” for views and downloads (or the actual metric that is used for each).
  • Downloads can happen without viewing a 3D Warehouse page, e.g. through the Components browser in SketchUp (or developer APIs if there were any).
  • Also, historic statistics come from different sources (different 3DWH versions, software stack and infrastructure, Google era, Trimble era).
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We’ll thanks for your reply. I think what you say is possible but I would bet that 14k dowmloads for one model in one day is 99.9% unlikely to be genuine. And it’s just happened again today. Something weird is going on, a hack possibly?!?!



Thanks - we’ve looked at that. I’ll PM you.