Downloads vs views



I have this one model – Certainteed PV panels – that has more downloads (821) than views (448). :thinking: How is that possible? Or bug?

Just curious is all, as I’ve never seen that before.


Maybe there are direct links from some other website, I don’t know. Could also be downloaded from the listing page, without first opening the model information page, or from the internal component browser in SketchUp.


If people do a search, or it’s in a collection, people don’t have to go to that page to download it: they can click on the download link (gray download icon lower right), it registers as a download without viewing the model detail page.


As in:


I feel honored that ppl have included this model in their collections. :smiley: Thanks for the information.


Yea, I’d probably view that as a positive thing: people know it’s what they want without having to view details or launch it in the 3D viewer.