See summary of my uploaded models at a glance


I have uploaded a collection of models to the Warehouse. By clicking on an individual model I can see details including how many times it’s been liked or downloaded. I would like a way to see that information at a glance for all my models at once (I have enough models that it’s getting to be a real pain to click on each one individually). I’m always curious to know which models are the most popular.



The same would be useful for Extension Warehouse.


you could do a search of own user name, the results of downloads come up as you pass the mouse over your models in this view


Thanks. That is certainly easier.


Do those count as views? Or only if you open the thumbnail>


I believe one needs to view the actual page plus each view is a count of new visitors not a count of how many times each visitor views it, otherwise one could affect the results.
@Barry could confirm this or correct me


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