Strange Crashing Problem


We us 2017Pro a lot for generating STL and DXF/DWG files to output to cnc (via VcarvePro). We are currently trying to generate some mesh that are basically like a hand print in concrete. We take a bitmap image into VcarvePro and do a bitmap trace to generate a vector/line drawing of the perimeter of the print. I use a function in Vcarve to fit curves to the vectors which cleans up most of the un-needed nodes. We then export those vectors from Vcarve in a dxf file and bring it into SU for skinning. I have been trying to use soapskinbubble to skin each closed vector (palm, thumb, index, etc). I have been using settings of 25 on the skinning and then bulb with a pressure of 250. Heres where the problem comes in.

No mater what order, and no matter what sequence I seem to go, farthest I ever get is skinning 2 or three (of the six to eight total) closed loops in the drawing and then SU splats. I have tried welding all the polylines prior to skinning to make them one single line instead of segments, I have tried saving after each skin (it will most always crash on save). And several other attempts at a work around.

The funny thin is, I think it may have something to do with the incoming DXF because for the heck of it I generated dozens of wildly shaped closed loops within SU, all in the same drawing, and skinned them all and SU and Soapskin worked flawlessly.

When I get the splat I get re-directed to the forum thread about Intel graphics card issues (4400). Im pretty sure thats not the issue but I went through the paces of updating my drivers, un-installing and re-installing SU (royal pain in the butt). And no change.

Im only able to export the line drawing from Vcarve in dxf, svg, eps, and AI. I wish there was a plugin for SU to generate an automatic outline from an image. That would be handy.

Sorry for the length but thought maybe someone would have some input.

Windows 10
Intell 4400 (laptop Acer Aspire R7)



add a sample bitmap file and maybe @jimhami42 can test it on his bitmap import plugin…



If you can generate “clean” artwork as color BMP files, this plugin might work for you:


Thanks for the input guys. No offense but was looking to a solution to the problem with our current capacity. It seemed there was clearly a problem with the DXF import and then upon reading a different post from the wizard Dave Richards we found the solution. We are now able to generate skins with no problem what so ever. Thank goodness.

Thanks again,


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