Strange behaviour when asking for About SketchUp on Mac

When I choose About SketchUp (AS), the cursor changes for the Paint Buckett (PB) and, depending on the version, the Colour Palette (CP) appears.

The PB appears after closing the AS window, the PB appears on SU 2019 through 2023 after closing the AS window. The CP doesn’t appears on SU 2019 through 2021.

The CP appears immediately after choosing AS on SU 2022 and 2023.

Is this normal ?

I find it illogical since, when starting a new model, the 3D space is empty so there is nothing to put a colour or a texture on and, on an existing model, the cursor shall not change when opening and closing AS.

ok that’s funny, right after I installed the update last night, I checked, and same thing happened. I suppose you checked for the same reason ?

However I noticed it only did it the first time you ask for the AS.
if you close it and come back later, no paint bucket.

some hidden shortcut maybe ?

at least it’s an inoffensive bug for once, since we rarely check this window, and it only happen once, and it doesn’t actually have a consequence on the model.

For many versions, I have had the colors window pop open and the paint tool activated at strange moments, often when some unrelated window or tool has just closed. I think it has been reported going back at least as far as 2017 but never fixed.

True, it is very minor as you pointed it. I don’t open the About SketchUp very often. Maybe 2 or 3 times per year,

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