Stopping pop ads from appearing in 3d warehouse


Hi, recently I have been getting popup ads when i use the 3d warehouse in sketchup. I have checked my internet and made sure that no popup ads are allowed as well as making sure I have no problems in my computer is there anyway to stop this from happening?


How are you accessing the 3D Warehouse? In your Internet browser? Which browser are you using?

What kind of ads? I’ve never seen any adds when looking at the 3D Warehouse.


I’m accessing the warehouse in through the programme. Things for bit coin and random shopping websites. My computer scanned for viruses and malware yesterday and found nothing but doing it again today. It doesn’t happen when I use sketchup at university. I use chrome as my browser.


I expect that you still have something on your computer that shouldn’t be there. You shouldn’t be getting ads in the 3D Warehouse window inside of SketchUp, either. Check Internet Explorer. Clear its caches and history.


Pix or it didn’t happen, as we say in the business.

And no, that’s not coming from us.


Hi, for the most part when popup ads appear they come straight to my browser. cleared both chrome and edge of cache and history plus uninstalled programmes that i think might be causing a problem. lets see what happens when i do try the warehouse


This is what has happened. since this I have uninstalled more programmes as well as chrome in the hopes that maybe it was something in that, that was causing the problem


I’ll guarantee you that those ads are not being delivered by SketchUp or the Extension Warehouse.


Does the warehouse use the default internet explorer/edge?


In previous versions, yes. SU2017 and 2018 use Chromium.


So I would think it is probably some sort of adware maybe, attached to that which resides on the Ops computer?


Yep. That’s what I think, too.


And Alice, it says you’re on 2017 - that’s not using IE. Your computer has some issues. (I PM’d her, we’ll see if we can make this go away).


If SketchUp’s CEF is compromised perhaps rerunning the installer and choosing “Repair” might help ?


I would do a full virus scan.


i have done a factory reset of my computer to completely clear it, no viruses or malware were picked up in any deep scan run. will be attempting to reinstall it tomorrow


Cracked SketchUp?


no just downloaded version from the all downloads area of sketchup


How are you connected to the internet? Any proxies? Does this happen in standalone web browsers?


It now works without problem after a complete reset of the computer. reinstalled all programmes that i had previously and now no longer have a problem. It may be been an extension that i had put into sketchup.