3D Warehouse - Just a few questions

Hey, I’ve just downloaded the desktop version of Sketchup and having an issue with the 3D Warehouse. When I open it I get a pop-up saying ‘Just a Few Questions’ but I can’t click on any of the elements, the drop downs etc. It’s like the whole popup is disabled but equally I can’t close it, so at the moment my only choice is to close the 3D Warehouse.

Any ideas what’s going on and why this popup won’t work?

I’m on a mac.

If there is a cookies related message at the bottom of the window, try closing that to see if more options appear. If that doesn’t help, go to 3D Warehouse in a browser, while signed in with the same account. Answer the just a few questions, then after that sign in inside of SketchUp, in the hope that it will know that you already answered the questions.

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Thanks for reporting this. We’re currently looking into this issue.

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Just tried this but getting the same issue in the browser as well. Can’t click on anything.

I blame myself.

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I am having the same issue. It was working fine earlier and stopped working about an hour ago.

We’re working on a fix. Stand by…

A fix has been pushed to 3D Warehouse and this issue should be resolved. You probably will need to restart SketchUp.

Let us know if you still encounter this issue and thanks again for reporting it @mike8

Sorted. Thanks guys, great service getting this resolved. Really appreciate it.

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Thanks @mike8, great to hear!